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Minimal Firefox

Ξ April 8th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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When using a small 10” screen all pixels need to be put to good use. Considering that Firefox is one of the ‘always on’ application, gaining some extra space there would be great. Here are some optimizations to display I put together.

The first step is to install a Human Compact theme which will provide your system a compact feeling.

The second step is directed to Firefox itself, and goes by editing the userChrome.css file stored in your ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile/chrome/. Just replace or concatenate my userChrome.css to the existing file, to get a even more compact Firefox…

Please note the lack of drop markers beside each bookmark, the compact width of bookmarks, and max height for each tab was lower to minimal. More optimizations are possible, just consult this link.


I Didn’t Forget

Ξ July 1st, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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I didn’t forget to download the latest Firefox 3.0. This way I participated in a new World Record, and also got my hands in the best browser available in the world. Here’s the proof…


Task Management

Ξ June 20th, 2008 | → 2 Comments |
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Remember The Milk
is a very nice online tool to manage your personal task list. It enables you to manage your tasks from wherever you are at the moment, keeping them always updated.

For those how use Firefox, the RememberTheMilk tool developers have developed an add-on which integrates the tool into your Gmail interface. A task list is created in a new sidebar which is added to right side of gmail’s message list.

A add-on to integrate the task list into Thunderbird is also available here (the installation procedures are here). This allows the user to integrate the task list into the calendar Lightning add-on.


FF3 Download Day

Ξ May 30th, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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The Spread Firefox community will attempt to achieve a Guiness World Record for the most Downloaded Software Application in a Day. For this, your help is required!

Please pledge to the initiative, and download the new Firefox 3.0 the day it is launched!


My Top 10 Firefox Add-ons…

Ξ May 13th, 2008 | → 1 Comments |
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These are my 10 favorite Firefox add-ons… So that you can known and that I can’t forget!

  1. Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox’s tab functionalities providing a lot of customizable new option.
  2. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer is your silent companion, synchronizing in background your bookmarks between all your computers.
  3. FlashGot gathers multiple links in a page and downloads them using the available lightweight. download manager available.
  4. DownThemAll is a completely built-in download manager that is very fast and lightweight.
  5. ForecastFox is an eye-catching weather reporting tool… for those days you don’t leave the house!
  6. Mouse Gestures creates ’shortcuts’ based on your mouse movements, which is a much more quick way and easy than reaching for your keyboard or selecting an option from a menu.
  7. Adblock Plus avoids those annoying advertisements.
  8. Download Statusbar provides a simple way to manage your downloading activities using little window space.
  9. Image Zoom allows the custom dimensioning of images in a webpage.
  10. PDF Download customizes the PDF downloading functionalities, avoiding those unnecessary empty tabs.

Please note that I’m currently using Firefox version, and not all above add-ons work on newer versions (such as version 3 Beta 5).


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