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For me? Plain-old text, please…

Ξ December 23rd, 2012 | → 0 Comments |
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I like to use “plain-old text” files to store my notes. It is a very portable format, with very good support in all the OS’es I use on a daily basis and can easily be sync’ed among several platforms with any Dropbox-like account. The eventual Mindmap is preferred when the topic is more complex, but a plain text editor is always running on my machine.

My highly customized version of Emacs is my preferred text editor for Linux, but Geany or even Vim are also handy (Notepad++ or Winedt for Windows, and TextEdit or TextMate for Mac are my other solutions).

Until a few months ago, there was an issue with my note files that was bothering me. As a reflection of myself, they all had very different formatting based on the my mood when the notes where being prepared. But then I found this simple mark up language, called Markdown, and decided to adopt it. This made my notes more similar and thus more easy to read, and using Markdown allows me to convert the notes into very stylish html or pdf.

And believe it or not, as usual, Emacs can be easily costumized to highlight markdown text and generate the html preview with a(nother) simple keyboard shortcut. Take a look at Markdown mode.


Exceptional Readings

Ξ June 12th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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I don’t usual enjoy reading technical books from cover-to-cover, but the other day an acquaintance showed me a couple of interesting books. After skimming just a few pages decided buy a copy, and now I think they are the best C++ books I’ve ever read.

After more than three years of professional C++ programming (on top of a couple more years during the Computer Engineer graduates course), I don’t see myself a C++ beginner and, of course, these books are not for beginners, but I have to say that I still learned a lot by reading the following books.

After reading these books by Herb Sutter [blog] and Scott Meyers, another set of interesting technical readings is already being considered. Stay tuned…


Mind-mapping: Improving organization skills

Ξ April 16th, 2009 | → 3 Comments |
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Personal skills improvement is a permanent goal for me. A while ago, as a result of a self-evaluation meeting, the goal of improving my organization was suggested when I stated that handling simultaneous tasks was something hard for me to do.

I tried several approaches to improve these skills, but none of them proved to be successful until I adopted Mind-mapping as an organization tool.
For those who are not familiar with the notion, a mindmap is a simple diagram in which ideas or concepts are balloons connected to each other, representing the connection between  similar or related ideas.

freemind, my favorite mind-mapping tool, is used for managing my daily tasks and I don’t forget a meeting, appointment, task or any of those dangling “to dos” for more than a month.

I’m glad I improved a little…



Ξ June 9th, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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One of the factor that affects personal relationships is the level of assertiveness.

Assertiveness is a communication skill that can be defined by:

  • the ability to clearly identify and express thoughts and ideias
  • the ability to defend ideas by supporting then in valid arguments
  • doing the previous while respecting the limits of the self and the others

One should be able to improve their assertiveness by always communicating open and honestly, about every aspects of work or life. This kind of communication is based on a balance between the time you are speaking and the time you are listening.


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