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5 Stars

Ξ June 27th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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Today I took the afternoon with the family and when to the movies. The movie was “Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen”. I’m completely biased in what relates to Transformers, because I’m a fan for years, but movie is great. With lots of action, it has very cool special FXs, not to mention the perfect Megan Fox.


I (heart) XEmacs

Ξ June 15th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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(All credits to xkcd)



Ξ June 14th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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NCIS is not the best TV series out there, but if you give it a change it will grow on you as it did on me (it’s actually the 5th most seen TV Series out there [see Rating section in Wikipedia]).

All characters are very well defined stereotypes. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service team is lead by a hard core marine – as strict as they come -, and composed of an Italian D. Juan (a movie trivia encyclopedia and second-in-command), an MIT computer geek (which fancies himself a novel writer), a quite caring female assassin (trained by the Mossad and serving has a liaison officer), a goth evidence and forensic specialist and a ‘scotch’ for chief medical examiner.
It would be hard to have a more heterogeneous bunch of people anywhere in the world but I think they make a very good team when they start working together.

With already six seasons aired by CBS, NCIS seems to be a spinoff of JAG. I’m currently watching Season 6, hoping that Season 7 is underway.


From 20000+ to 1343…

Ξ June 13th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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The RSS reader had stored more than 20000 unread posts and/or news when my vacations started. A couple of “Ctrl + A” followed by the same number of “Del” made the count drop bellow 5000… After a while reading the “Selected Ones”, the number of unread is now 1343!

I’ll stop for now… and hope to never reach more than 20000 unread posts again!


Windows Doesn’t Have a Shell

Ξ June 13th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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Being a Linux fan doesn’t mean that all my work gets done in Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora or Suse. Most of the times a simple execution of the Virtual Box is enough to write that document in Word or prepare that presentation in Powerpoint. But some times, work demands a true change of pace and there I go back to Windows (usually the stable XP version, available in any dual boot machine near you…). For example when you need to use Microsoft Visual Studio, DOORS (a requirements management system, for those how never has the pleasure) or even Enterprise Architect, you’ll need the good ol’ Windows operating system.

This is not a complaint about developing software in a Windows environment, but there are somethings you grow accustomed after a while developing in Linux. For me the greatest difference is the shell, or the lack of it in Windows. The shell is my favorite tool to inspect the details of my build artifacts.

I make a few searches on the web but couldn’t find a real replacement for the simple bash shell available at any basic Linux system. There are some possibilities, but none of them are the same as running the “real thing”:

– install Cygwin
you might have this already installed  if you need an XServer to run remote DISPLAY applications, although XMing is a better (lighter) choice for that matter

– install andLinux, but I felt the system performance degrading by the minute

– install Portable Ubuntu [1,2] (my favorite choice!)


Exceptional Readings

Ξ June 12th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
Programming, Skills |, , |

I don’t usual enjoy reading technical books from cover-to-cover, but the other day an acquaintance showed me a couple of interesting books. After skimming just a few pages decided buy a copy, and now I think they are the best C++ books I’ve ever read.

After more than three years of professional C++ programming (on top of a couple more years during the Computer Engineer graduates course), I don’t see myself a C++ beginner and, of course, these books are not for beginners, but I have to say that I still learned a lot by reading the following books.

After reading these books by Herb Sutter [blog] and Scott Meyers, another set of interesting technical readings is already being considered. Stay tuned…



Ξ June 12th, 2009 | → 0 Comments |
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I love first-person-shooters. Medal of Honor is one of my favorite and the one that makes me spend hours playing. The other day I heard something about war medals on TV and had an instant urge to play the game. I searched my CDs and DVDs but couldn’t find it… meanwhile the TV continued with the documentary on II World War, but my attention kept focused on War Medals. Here is some general culture collected from wikipedia on Military Decorations!

A Purple Heart is awarded to a soldier who is injured or killed in action against an enemy of the United States. The face of the medals shows the profile of George Washington, the commander-in-chief that established the original award named “Badge of Military Merit” following the commandment “Let it be known that he who wears the military order of the purple heart has given of his blood in the defense of his homeland and shall forever be revered by his fellow countrymen.”.

A Silver Star is awarded for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States, which means that one must show extraordinary heroism against an enemy of the United States, while engaging engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force (one which the United States also opposes). The Silver Star is the third most valuable military decoration awarded to a member of the United States Armed Forces. The second most valuable decoration “for valor” is the Distinguished Service Cross (for the Army, with the equivalent Navy Cross and Air Force Cross, for the Navy and Air Force respectively).

The Medal of Honor is the top most valuable Military decoration awarded by the United States government. This award is for who distinguishes him- or herself “conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his [or her] life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States.”. Because of the nature of its criteria, the medal is often awarded posthumously. Eligible to all military branches of the United States Armed Forces. The Medal of Honor is awarded hanging from a ribbon and should rest on the shoulders of the recipient.


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