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Virtual Visit

Ξ November 29th, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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Next week I’ll be traveling to Rome. Yes, I’ll be working for most of the day, but I hope to have some free time to visit the city (or at least some parts of it). Looking for some online information on what the city has to offer I found a very nice photo album, here.

You can virtually visit the select location through a set of photos taken by others, but soon I’ll tell you if the actual places are as beautiful as they seem.

After some more searching I found that the idea has been used (researched?) in Microsoft® Live Labs to develop Photosynth.


Rants in Portuguese

Ξ November 23rd, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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Yep, at my daughter’s request a new blog has been created. This time it will be written in Portuguese. The idea is to write some daily rants, far less organized than this blog and much more frequently.

Please visit!


Broken Promise

Ξ November 23rd, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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With the last post came sort of a promise. To follow that promise, a new post should have been posted every day since. Instead of a new post every day, what happened was the biggest gap between posts since the beginning of the blog.

Amongst other thinks, this means that the time that was usually stored for my ‘projects’ has been taken from me. This leaves me cranky and thoughtful. Studying for the PhD is one of the factors, of course. But, what else is taking my time?

That is a question I can’t still answer… but, I think fact that the biggest delivery my project has ever had was due last week had something to do with it!


Space, The Final Frontier

Ξ November 2nd, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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Saturday was not a family day because some of us had to work. No, I don’t mean me. This time is was A. who had to work the saturday all day long. The rest of the weekend (today!) was spent doing family stuff, trying to compensate.

So, the plan was to visit the latest exhibit by the “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” (Pavilion of Knowledge). With a fancy name, “Space, The Final Frontier” exposition shows some of the latest achievments of ESA. Hanging from the ceiling a 1:10 model of the International Space Station shows the complexity of that man-made structure. The visitor’s ability to land a space shuttle or the command rendevouz operations between two spacecrafts is put to the test. Amongst these and another lot of other experiments, I enjoyed controlling the Mars rover from “earth” while he was discovering the surface of Mars. The small robot vehicle was actually a few meters aways but it was cool!

It was a nice time spent learning about (some of them) new stuff!

For those of you how are interested, the exhibit is avaliable until August 30th 2009, but don’t miss it.

(Me, standing beside ESA’s Galileo Project poster.)


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