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Continuous Integration Process

Ξ May 8th, 2008 | → 0 Comments |
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According to this article, a software application can easily be developed in a collaborative environment by using a tool that automatically integrates every developer’s effort daily. This is my favorite way to develop software.

Each successful integration is verified by the execution of an automated build of the complete project (including libraries, binaries and tests). In addition, after building the project you can also execute unit tests and/or integration tests. This enables the developing team to increase the degree of assurance on the implemented functionalities and reduce the time spent in the integration process.

Several softwares to support Continuous Integration development, but I only tried to use two of them:

  • CruiseControl, a potent tool targeted for enterprise development
  • Hudson, an easy to use, simple to configure tool (which I’m currently using with very good results)


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